You have reached the home page of Mr. Applebaum's website used to support his courses taught at George Washington High School. This site can be quickly found again with a Google search of the words "Applebaum Chemistry".

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If you are here to explore, check out the "References" tab on the left. If your are a student, be sure to read your class blog to make sure you are caught up on the class activities as you are expected to check your class blog (see tabs on the left) each day they are absent or feel you missed something in class, and for important support information.

Need extra help with Chemistry? Try ,,, or a host of other sites, some listed on the references tab on the left.

Now for a financial plea: Please consider donating materials or money to the classroom. Tax deductible money can be donated to my class through Donor' . I typically spend over $500 per year of my own money on classroom supplies that include pens, pencils, copy paper, safety glasses, band-aids, markers, aluminum foil, cups, saran wrap, plastic silverware, paper towels, and batteries (AA, AAA, 9V). Such items will be gladly accepted and will allow me to use my limited resources on other classroom needs such as labs and demonstrations.

Do you need a refresher on how to take good notes? Check out

I have a sign in my classroom that reads "Math is the tool of the scientist". You can pass my class with limited math skill but to become an engineer or scientist, you better develop great math skills. Its never too late to develop these skills; so, if you want to refresh or improved some of your math and science skills, Check out: my many of the links on my reference page, visit, or for a few other math review sites like and

IMPORTANT: All students must have a scientific calculator for class; one that has the ability to use scientific notation and logarithms. I've seen cheap dollar store scientific calculators and numerous acceptable brands are sold at retail stores. The TI-30 varieties are an inexpensive option or a TI-84 graphing calculator can be used for more advanced mathematics. Used graphing scientific calculators like the TI-73's TI-82's, TI-83's, and TI-84's can be purchased on-line for as little as $5. Cell phones calculators are not permitted for exams. If you plan to take college board exams, you must have a calculator that meets standards: If you want proof, see You are also required to bring a three ring binder with a dedicated science section and maintain a portfolio folder to remain in the classroom.

You can contact Mr. Applebaum by e-mail at, or in his classroom (room 332) during and after school. Messages can be left with the school office at 215-961-2001.

My schedule for the 2015-16 school year is as follows. Note, the following bell schedule is effective November 4, 2015.

1st period - Advisory/1st - BLOCK: Chemistry/ Honors Chemistry (7:35-9:09 am).
2nd - Chemistry (9:12-10:04 am)
3rd - Lunch (10:07-10:59 am)
4th- Common Prep (11:02-11:54 pm)
5th- Advanced Chemistry (11:57-12:47 pm)
6th - Engineering (12:52-1:44 pm)
7th - Chemistry (1:47-2:39 pm)